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Quality & Service


Customer Focus:
It is the goal of SPI management to implement production and verification ensuring that our valued customers' requirements, specifications are ultimately fulfilled. 

Quality Policy:
It is the policy of SPI management to ensure the quality management system which includes continued training programs based on internal audits, annual management reviews with attention to customers needs and the quality process.

Quality Objectives:
The SPI management team has established quality control objectives which are routinely and consistently reviewed to maintain customer satisfaction and integrity. 

Quality Management System Planning:
The SPI management team regularly reviews specific needs and issues relative to planning and improvement of customer needs and quality control.

Internal Communication:
The SPI management team has a fully integrated electronic internal communication tracking system.  This ensures the highest quality spring production and tracking for each and every product produced for the customer.  

Customer Satisfaction:
SPI's quality management system will ensure customer specific requirements including delivery, performance and post delivery response.  Verification and quality control of production is achieved through ongoing communication throughout the production and delivery process.  SPI values our customer feedback and continuously strives to improve upon the quality of services provided.