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Wire Forms

Wire Forms - Spring Products International

Spring Products International is a spring manufacturer and producer of high-quality wire forms.  Wire forms are most commonly used as clips, clamps and retainers.  A wire form is generally made from round wire and can then be bent and shaped to have certain angles and lines.  Wire forms are utilized in most every major industry - aerospace, automotive, gaming, electronics, construction and more.  The most significant aspect of wire form production is that wire forms are highly customizable.  Wire forms can be made into virtually any shape or size - if you can design it, we can form it.


Spring Products International has been practicing and refining our spring manufacturing and wire form production processes for many years.  At Spring Products International we take the quality of our wire forms just as seriously as the quality of our spring products.  Spring Products International has the capabilities to produce wire form orders both large and small. 

Spring Products International is a premier spring manufacturer and wire form producer.  If you need wire forms,  extension springs, compression springs, torsion springs or stampings, give us a call at 800-515-9773 or shoot us an email   - the sales representatives and staff of Spring Products International are always available to answer any questions you may have about our springs or your order.