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Belleville Washers

Belleville Washers
Spring Products International is Houston’s experts in all things spring and Belleville washer related. By adhering to the strictest standards, Spring Products International guarantees springs and materials of unsurpassed quality.   Spring Products International has a vast inventory of stock springs and our expert craftsmen are able to fulfill custom spring orders both big and small.  
What is a Belleville Washer?
Though called a washer, a Belleville washer is actually a spring. The Belleville washer gets its name because it is a type of spring that looks like a washer. A Belleville washer has a conical shape, which is what gives it a spring’s characteristics. Belleville washers are most typically used as springs and in applications that apply a pre-load or flexible quality to a bolted joint. Belleville washers are commonly used because they can be stacked to meet different load flexibility requirements. Belleville washers can be stacked in a “series” or “parallel” to one another. Washers stacked in a series, will increase the deflection of a load while Belleville washers stacked in parallel configuration will increase the load. 
Houston’s Spring Products International is here to help with all of your spring and Belleville washer needs, so give us a call at 1-800-515-9773 or email us. We fill orders of springs and Belleville washers that no one else can or will!