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Titanium Springs

Spring Products International is proud to produce a wide range of titanium and titanium alloy springs for your needs.  As Houston's premier spring manufacturer, Spring Products International carries a wide range of stock springs in inventory, in addition to our custom spring manufacturing capabilities.  At Spring Products International, we understand that your projects are important and that only the best spring equipment will do.
Titanium is one of the strongest metallic elements, having the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. With its high strength-to-weight ratio, Titanium is as strong as some steels but is almost 50% lighter. With these characteristics, Titanium springs are one of the strongest and most weight-sensitive springs available. Not only are titanium springs exceptionally strong, they are also corrosion resistant. Titanium springs are used in many industries and in many applications, from motor bikes and race cars to aircrafts.  
Additionally, titanium alloy springs are a cost-effective option provided by Spring Products International. Titanium is generally alloyed with small amounts of vanadium and aluminum.  Both pure Titanium and Titanium-Alloyed springs a highly corrosion resistant and very strong.  

At Houston's Spring Products International we provide springs of:
  • Titanium
  • Gal4V Titanium and
  • Beta “C” Titanium.
Springs Products International is located in Navasota, Texas just outside of Houston. We have a fully stocked warehouse to provide for your every spring need. If, by chance, we do not carry a spring to perform your unique job, Spring Products International also produces custom springs made to your specifications. 
Spring Products makes custom products that nobody else can or will! Call us today at 800.515.9773 to talk about your titanium spring needs - Our experienced staff can help you in choosing whether or not titanium springs or titanium alloy springs are appropriate for your project!